The NPA Committee had a meeting with the new Collector – Ms. Sampada Mehta, IAS on 24th July, 2017 in the Collectorate office. The following members participated:

Dr. Earnest John, Chairman; Mr. R. R. Gupta, Hon. Secretary; Mr. Idnani Baldev, EC Member; Mr. Vinod Dalmia, EC Member; Mr. Parag Udani, EC Member.

Dr. John and Mr. Gupta thanked the Collector for opportunity given to NPA to meet her in person. Dr. John briefed about the activities of the Association and informed that recently all taxes have gone up viz., Income Tax, Transfer fees, Property tax, etc. which is making the situation worst for Nariman Point. The area consist of 32 buildings, built in 1970s. The conveyance, that is due to transpire to the buildings has not been executed, as in those days there was a clause of Transfer charges and many buildings objected. Therefore, the matter was kept in abeyance. We request you to kindly look into the matter.

Hike in Transfer Fees

Mr. Idnani stated that the actual rate of land is less and the ready reckoner value is high. He further stated, in order to waive the farmers loan, the state Government has increased the Transfer fees. The High court has however exempted the societies of the Transfer fees. Mr. Udani and Mr. Gupta referred the Aspi Chinoy vs State of Maharashtra matter of 2009. “If the tax has to be charged, that has to be through a referendum,” Mr. Idnani added.

Stamp Duty and Registration

While discussing about the Registration of property, Mr. Udani stated, in order to have the deemed conveyance ratified, the Stamp duty was to be paid at a nominal rate during that time (1970s). In the current day value, the amount is in crores. Some of our buildings are already into Litigation.

Mr. Dalmia explained that the Agreement between Govt. and the builder taken place in 1970, but land is not transferred to the society. We don’t mind paying, but the rate should be of that time.

The Collector affirmed to pursue the matter of Registration of the Lease deed and the rate applicable. She will look into the legal issues and Issue related to dates.

Conversion of Lease hold to Free Hold land

Dr. John mentioned that as per the news report the State Revenue minister has directed for Transfer of Lease Hold land to Free Hold land. We wish to learn about the same.

She said, we will have to clear the issue of getting the deed registered, this will take some time.

The collector briefed that her previous posting was in Pune, where the Government had put her for a project.

The meeting ended on a happy note.