Our Work

What Do We Do?


With the assistance of the Municipal ‘A’ Ward Office and the Police Department, the Association managed to get five out of the eight footpaths hawker-free and is still continuing to get the remaining three.

Apart from making them hawker-free, the Association also succeeded in persuading most of the Member Societies through the help and guidance of the Municipal ‘A’ Ward Office to beautify the footpath in front of their buildings with flower-beds, pots and other plantations. The face of footpaths has also undergone change through resurfacing and tiling work done by the Municipal ‘A’ Ward Office and by many of our Member Societies themselves.

Today, most of Nariman Point has undergone transformation and we aim to continue our efforts to make this whole area into a greener, cleaner and beautiful commercial hub with the help of the Municipal Corporation, State Government and Member Societies.

The land between Free Press House and Dalamal House was being eroded on account of the Tidal waves hitting that area. The Association took up the matter with the Collector and got a 9 ft. tall retaining wall constructed to prevent such erosions.

With the intention of motivating all it’s member societies to upgrade their premises and create a beautiful and friendly environment, the Association started a competition for the Best Maintained Buildings in Nariman Point. The following criteria were set for evaluation:

– Compound ambience
– Maintaining a Garbage Spot in the premises
– Cleanliness of the staircases and landings
– Maintaining Common Toilets
– Importance given to Greenery and Building Décor
– Security measures taken by the member society
– Fire Fighting and Electrical Systems of the Building
– Courtesy and politeness of staff

All member societies participated with a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the contest which was widely covered by the print and electronic media. The Association plans to hold this contest on an annual basis.

As a result of this contest:

– Many of the Societies and Buildings have started budgeting substantially for further improvement of the look and facilities in their premises.
– Undertaking rewiring of cables and wires to prevent electrical short circuit.
– Almost all buildings have installed fire alarm systems and fire fighting equipments.
Some Societies have also started carrying out Fire-Drills on a regular basis.
– Number of Societies have installed CCTV (closed circuit TV) systems.
– Cleanliness, in general, has improved.
– Most of the Society Managers are taking pride in keeping their Societies up-to-date.

The Nariman Point Association has taken various measures to keep the locality clean and healthy with the best possible civic amenities such as Parks, Gardens, Public Conveniences, Food Outlets, Drinking water fountains, efficient Drainage and sewage systems, Communication facilities, Street lighting, Police protection, Car parking, Traffic control, organization of Hawkers etc.
The Association has planted more than 1000 trees all over Nariman Point to make it a greener area.
The Association has been regularly and consistently following up with the Traffic Department to ensure free traffic flow in Nariman Point. Although the traffic problems persist, all effort is on to find some solution.
On the plot of land beside Maker Chamber VI there were more than 200 Hutments where many unsocial elements were living, causing a nuisance in the area. The Association took up the matter with the authorities and had them relocated outside Nariman Point. On that plot now a beautiful Public Garden is made.